“Don’t assume, get the data. “



  • True technical competency assessments

  • One way or Live video

  • Convenient online scheduling

  • Assessments in any language including ASL

  • Industry expert analysis

  • Real time viewing of assessment being taken

  • Customized Questions

  • Custom Reports

  • Psychometric and non-verbal analysis

What we do:

We screen companies and people using our powerful video assessment software, expert technical analysis, and non-verbals to tell our clients the truth about alignment in just a few minutes, completely online.

A vendor or candidate may have a great attitude, rich job history, is well spoken, and highly recommended, but can the candidate do the job? We can find out for you.

No more phone calls, meaningless interviews, pointless meetings and bad decisions. We offer unprecedented insight. We guarantee that you will have all the data you need to make informed decisions about alignment and fit.

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What Is Job Fit?

Job fit is a concept that refers to how well an employee or vendor is suited for his or her position. Hiring vendors or employees who are the best fit and technically competent for their positions is a great way for an organization to decrease turnover (both voluntary and involuntary) and to improve employee retention rates. In general, employees who are well-suited for their positions will be happier and more productive, which can have a positive impact on company morale and ultimately benefit a company’s bottom line.

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I know you probably have some questions, so we have built a page just for you. The FAQ page has all the info about what makes us so special, how we make your life easier, how we provide better insight than any competitor, and how we can GUARANTEE more meaningful interviews.

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We make sure vendors and candidates sent to you are already technically competent and can actually do the job before you waste time and money trying to figure that out.

Randall Cottrell